• Magical Prosperity - 8 days Online Course


    Price - 40 GBP/55 USD/3000 INR

    About the course:

    Do you like to manifest more money, increase sales in business, attract new clients? 

    Do you have a dream job or business that you would like to manifest ?

    This course will help you in manifesting prosperity in miraculous ways. You will see results instantly and it happens in magical ways.

    What can you expect from the course?

     (Video and audio lessons)

    Angel and Goddesss spells for manifesting money, clients or sales in business

    Prayer and mantras for attracting quick prosperity

    Removing blockages and fear around money

    Prosperity Rituals - Full moon and New moon

    Group practices for manifesting prosperity in 8 days

    Prosperity Guided meditation  

    You will receive Video and audio lessons that can be used for future reference. 

    I  will be guiding you throughout the duration of the course. We will be doing the practices together in group for 8 days so you are not alone.

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