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    I am Krithiga Bala, based in London, United Kingdom. Iam a Spiritual Coach, Intuitive Healer, Yoga and Meditation Trainer and a Passionate Artist.
    I am a qualified lawyer and worked for corporate and immigration firms for years. However deep within, I always longed for a spiritual based career to heal, guide and motivate others. I feel that my whole life has been a spiritual journey filled with glorious and awakening moments.

    Since childhood I had a deep affinity towards spirituality, esoteric and occult science. I started practising Rajayoga Meditation at the age of 10 and became a trainer at the age of 16. I always believe that by mastering our mind we can master our lives.
    Our sub conscious mind has the power to manifest miracles in life. Although I believed in the concept, I never knew the way to mastery. Few years ago, I suffered from serious illness that shook me on personal, professional and emotional level. It was at this point, I learnt about the Law of Attraction and Healing.

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